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The most beneficial hour of my recent trip to the iFX Expos in Macau was the  Google seminar on Google’s marketing tools.  The session was broken down into two halves; Google Trends and Google Ads.  The Google Ads half was interesting and informative.  But the Google Trends portion of the event was truly eye-opening.  Google Trends has been available for a few years, but I had not understood the detailed value of the data one can generate for free.  So I used Google Trends for a subject matter that is very important to the Margin Trading Products industry….MetaTrader 5

Google has changed the art of geographic market segmentation from a multi-month, survey-based exercise into a 5 minute search.  Marketers can see exactly which terms are being searched and where the searches are being generated.  I took a snapshot based on entering, “MT5″ into Google Trends.  The results page is below:

Google Trends MT5

 What I am showing is the Google Trends analysis of searches for the term “MT5″ for the last 12 months.  There are choices that can give me a look at the last 30 days, all the way out to 2004 – present.  Google’s analysis gives me the most relevant search terms that are linked to “MT5″.  It tells me when the search term was most popular (in this 12 month analysis, April 2012 had the highest number of searches which co-incides with MetaQuotes MT5 Mobile announcement).  The most important take-away is the geographic data.  A quick look shows you where the most searches for MT5 are coming from.  Indonesia, Sweden and Finland lead the way with Russia and Poland close behind.  Japan is showing a slight interest.   But there is almost no interest from some major MTP markets; China, USA, UK are all not even registering.

The value of Google Trends now becomes obvious.  If you are a marketing manager thinking about your advertising budget for MT5, you know that you need to focus on the countries of Indonesia, the Scandanavian countries, and Russia.  There is further data available (unshown here) that notes the search terms related to your inquiry that are trending higher.  For my “MT5″ search, Google Trends notes that search item, “mt5 forum forex” has increased 180% in the 12 month period I am looking at.  So that same marketing manager can cater their SEO work to specific terms that are rising in popularity.

I’ve used the example of a topic of interest to the MTP industry for this post, but any marketer in any industry has access to this information.  There is no need for advertising campaigns built on guesswork any longer.  Get Google Trends, get the facts, and get some customers.

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