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MetaTrader 4 Hits 1,000,000 Mobile Users

MetaQuotes Software Corp announced their MetaTrader4 Mobile platform now has 1,000,000 users.  No way to substantiate that number though CMAP does see an increasing amount of volume coming from MT4 mobile platforms each month.  Congratulations to MetaQuotes on this milestone.


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Google Trends = Instant Marketing Research

The most beneficial hour of my recent trip to the iFX Expos in Macau was the  Google seminar on Google’s marketing tools.  The session was broken down into two halves; Google Trends and Google Ads.  The Google Ads half was interesting and informative.  But the Google Trends portion of the event was truly eye-opening.  Google Trends has been available for a few years, but I had not understood the detailed value of the data one can generate for free.  So I used Google Trends for a subject matter that is very important to the Margin Trading Products industry….MetaTrader 5 Read More »

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New MQL5 Webpage Offers Much More for MT5 Community

MetaQuotes Software Corp has updated their website dedicated to the MT5 user community,  We appreciate the new look and feel as this website is dedicated towards the programming community.  MT5 is finally starting to gain traction, though certain markets are adapting much faster than others.  Look for a separate post on MT5 adoption rates later this week.  In the meantime, check out to see where your future EA is going to come from.

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MetaTrader 5 gets long-awaited one-click trading

MetaQuotes announced today that they will add one-click trading functionality to charts in build 770 of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal.  This long-awaited functionality has already been added by other companies to client terminal installations, but now clients will have the option to trade with one-click without any third-party software.

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SaxoBank CEO Says EURO Doomed

Lars S Christensen is not a currency analyst, but he knows how to make money in the FX world.  The company he co-founded has been valued at over $1.6 Billion.   His interview with is pretty straightforward.

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MQL5 Data from MetaQuotes & CMAP Comments

MetaQuotes has released information on the first year of MQL5, their iTunes-like platform for offering programs built for the MT5 trading platform.  As previously noted here, MetaQuotes has worked hard to envelop as much of the MT4 eco-system providers’ technologies and offerings as possible with MT5.  We like the business model that MetaQuotes has taken with MT5 though many in the MT4 eco-system will see their businesses forced out.  Some further thoughts before the link to the MetaQuotes Article:

1) will the Japanese marketplace opt into the world of MT4?  Or move directly to MT5?  The Japanese culture is traditionally very risk averse and we expect would not wish to go for the untested MT5 platform.  However the Japanese culture also embraces new technologies.  Japan will be the make-or-break marketplace for MT5 in 2013

2) We still think Metaquotes needs to do a better job marketing MT5 to end-users.  The brokerage community knows it and understands MT5.  But the end-users (traders) do not.  They hear words like “multi-asset class”, “cross-margining”, “exchange linked” and they get scared.  Existing end-users want to hear that MT5 is just a better MT4.  That is all they want to hear.  MetaQuotes needs to spend some marketing resources on getting this message to end users so they can convert existing users to MT5 which will then allow brokers to push MT5 to new clients.

MQL5 Article From MetaQuotes Here




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oneZero Launches G3 – Institutional Functionality in an MT4 Bridge

As a heavy user of oneZero software products, we are pleased to announce the rollout of oneZero’s G3 Advanced Bridging product.  Forexmagnates covers the full story here with good insight into the marketplace and the demands on MT4-centric brokerage firms from oneZero founder and CEO, Andrew Ralich.  CMAP will be demonstrating G3 to our existing clients in the coming weeks.

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Financial Transaction Tax – Much Closer to Reality

NYT’s Dealbook columns noted that the European Union Finance Ministers have tentatively agreed on a transaction tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives.  Sometimes called a “Robin Hood” tax, and in the UK known as the Tobin Tax, the effects would be enormous to the brokerage industry.  We see potential for a tax arbitrage similar to the regulations arbitrage (brokers moving from jurisdiction to jurisdiction to stay ahead of the regulators) that have hit the Margin Trading Products industry in the last few years.  If enacted it would open the doors for exchanges and brokers to offer services from a non-Robin Hood tax jurisdiction.  Full story here.

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Upgraded MT5 Mobile for iPhone

MetaQuotes Software Corp announced a number of improvements and new features to their mobile MT5 plaform.  We are impressed by the forward thinking at MQ and are looking forward to testing the new version of the platform.  The MetaQuotes announcement is below.

The functionality of MetaTrader 5 iPhone mobile platform has been significantly upgraded. The latest version features a large number of innovations and improvements providing comfortable work in the financial markets right from the mobile device. Read More »

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