Margin Trading Products Brokers (FX & CFD’s):
The MetaTrader 4 trading platform remains the dominant platform in the MTP industry.  Brokers gain instant access to a pool of potential clients with our Private Label MT4 solutions.  Our standard package includes:

  • a Private Label MT4 platform, branded with your firm’s colors and logos that runs on our high-performance servers in our Equinix NY4
  • Two Liquidity Bridges (primary & backup) linked to your liquidity providers.  We support FX and CFD instruments on our Private Label servers.
  • the ARMS platform for risk management, operations reporting, and regulatory reporting

Sell-Side Banks:
oneZero Hosted Services can help you deliver your liquidity to a new subset of clients. We host our MT4 servers in the Equinix NY4 & LD4 datacenters for the fastest connections to your pricing engines.  HFT clients choose oneZero for our customized MT4 platform and sub 2 millisecond connectivity.  Contact us to learn how your eFX desk can offer liquidity to the retail-facing brokers that constitute much of our client base.

Prime Brokers:
Leverage your credit and clearing relationships by offering a new distribution channel to your clients.  Our generic MT4 platform gives you MT4 distribution without the overhead of a platform and IT staff.  oneZero Hosted Services provides anonymous/bespoke trading solutions catering to the varying needs of your client base.

Private Investors & Asset Managers:
If you are managing client funds you need customized order routing, and bespoke client (and possibly regulation!) reporting.  oneZero Hosted Services customizes the MT4 platform, order routing and reporting for money managers across the globe.  We can import existing MAM technologies into an MT4 platform for you, generate daily or monthly reporting that helps you operate your business, and even customize order routing.


Case Study – Existing Broker adds a OZHS-hosted Private Label MT4

One of the first clients for OZHS was a brokerage firm out of the Middle East.  Their distribution channels prior to their OZHS Private Label MT4 were two well-known ECN platforms with User Interfaces, and the associated API’s.  The company had been averaging 40 new client accounts per month and an average monthly volume of just over $2 yards of price sensitive, low margin business.

Working with OZHS, the brokerage was quickly able to light up an MT4 platform that was linked to one of the broker’s two ECN API’s.  The brokerage committed themselves to a 3 month, targeted  advertising campaign via web search and industry advertisement placements to announce their new MT4 offering.   In their first full calendar month of offering their MT4 the broker added 187 new client accounts, compared to their monthly average of 40.  In the second month the broker quickly added two Operations staff to handle the newly created demand for their MT4 platform.  At last check the brokerage has over 1,100 live MT4 accounts and is generating MT4 volumes over $3.5 yards each month.

But the top line numbers of volumes and revenues only tell half the story.  The company did not have to spend $150,000 and three months to get started.  They did not have to hire expensive MT4 Administrative staff.  They did not have to light up another datacenter rack and the associated, redundant power and internet connections.  They did not have to commit to $20,000 of monthly fixed costs.  The broker was up and running within 2 weeks at a total cost of less than $10,000.  And with OZHS’s variable cost structure, they only pay for the technology costs that directly generate revenues.

Top line volume numbers and revenues are what starts conversations, and those numbers are often used as a metric in the Margin Trading Products industry.  But what counts is your Return On Investment (“ROI”).  What is your return on the time and money you invest in your company?  Do you think about ROI?  Do you measure ROI?  OZHS does.  We work with the management teams of brokerage firms of all sizes and from all corners of the globe.  Our role is to create the solutions that allow you to grow your brokerage firm in the manner that you choose.  A-Book?  B-Book?  A bit of both?  No problem.  Differing reporting requirements for different jurisdictions?  Our ARMS platform can help.

OZHS solutions  increase brokerage firm’s ROI.  Less operating capital up front, less “at-risk” capital for the firm, fee-based revenues rather than risk-taking revenues, and a cost structure that matches your revenues growth.   It all leads to a better Return On Investment for brokerage owners.

Case Study – Start Up Launches, Scales, and Evolves with oneZero

Most start up brokerage firms are founded by an individual or a team of sales and marketing executives.  These founders have a plan to source clients, and the drive to execute on that plan.  There may be an existing book of business ready to act as the first clients for the new start up.  Often times these founders do not have the technical experience to handle the massive amount of technology that needs to be put in place prior to the first client trade.  They also may not want to spend upwards of $350,000 on technology (hardware, software platforms, data centers, redundant ISPs & power grids, etc…) and the 4 months to put the infrastructure in place.  They want to start NOW!

We worked with an entrepreneur based in the Asia/Pacific region who had a concept for a brokerage.  It was a simple plan, but the best plans always are.  His firm would target the smallest of retail traders, and would take no risk.  He wanted to pass all client orders, no matter how small, onto his clearing firm.  Many brokerage firms choose not to STP the smallest of client orders for two reasons; 1) their clearing firm does does not accept tickets below a certain size; or 2) the brokerage wants to take risk against the smallest of accounts.  But this brokerage was different.  They did not want to allocate capital to a risk pool which would take the other side of client orders.  His plan was to allocate capital towards marketing efforts to scale up as quickly as possible.  Also, he wanted even the smallest of traders to have access to the true interbank market.

oneZero Hosted Services core offering was just what he needed.  We were able to launch his Private Label MT4 platform within two weeks of our first discussions.  The stability of our solutions allowed him to focus on the aspects of his business that were his strengths.  He built an affiliate network, added some innovative marketing, and built up his operations team.  The speed of our software allowed his global client base to see and feel true market executions; no lengthy delays that cause clients to wonder about their broker’s risk management.  He and his team used our ARMS reporting platform to track his operating metrics and revenues.  The ARMS IB Reporting also allowed him to add affiliates without adding more Groups the the MT4 platform.  And most important, he could sleep well at night knowing the reliability of our software meant that his business was not incurring out trades or market risk.

The business was growing exponentially within two months.  Each following month was adding 50% more volume.  Soon it was time to start customizing his Private Label platform.  oneZero Hosted Services added a secondary liquidity provider as a backup source of liquidity.  Then he tapped our extensive network of liquidity partners to add CFD’s to his offerings.  As his business grew, we added capacity on our servers to support his growth.  Within 10 months from our first conversation, his brokerage passed the $10 Billion nominal USD volume for the month.  He asked oneZero Hosted Services to help with a client portal that would link his website to the MT4 server and thereby automate some aspects of his operations.  Rather than build it ourselves, we tested solutions from a number of prospects on behalf of our client.  He did not have the time or capacity to stress test third-party software solutions so he entrusted oneZero Hosted Services to do that for him.  We found, and tested a number of providers, and eventually recommended a firm to help him.  We then worked with that firm to install and integrate their client portal software into our MT4 servers.

By this time the client was the primary user of one of our MT4 servers.  It was time for his firm to graduate to their own server.  We made the introduction to MetaQuotes and soon enough he had purchased his own MT4 server.  This is where oneZero Hosted Services handed the client relationship off to oneZero Financial; our parent organization.  oneZero deployed a new set of blades to the server racks and lit up the new MT4 server.  Working over the course of a month, we tested and then converted the clients full MT4 history from the shared OZHS server to their own server.  This allowed the broker to maintain all client records on a single server, even though there was a history of client accounts on the shared server.

oneZero Financial hosts the new server for our client in our NY4 data center, with cross connections to his multiple liquidity providers.  We have installed our Order Management System so that the client can control the pricing streams his clients see, and he can control the routing of client orders to his liquidity partners.  His firm continues to focus on sales and marketing, and trusts oneZero for the platform support and the increasingly complex Liquidity Bridging.

A mere 17 months since the brokerage started and we are seeing a reliable $15 Billion nominal USD per month in volume.  Many firms have been in the industry a lot longer, but do not have nearly the volumes, revenues and income as this brokerage.  Working with oneZero Hosted Services this entrepreneur was able to focus on growing his business; we handled the platforms, the technology infrastructure, and the administration of the servers.


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