About oneZero Hosted Services, LLC

oneZero Hosted Services, LLC (“OZHS”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of oneZero Financial Systems, LLC.  OZHS was created as a part of oneZero’s acquisition of Capital Markets Access Partners in April, 2013.


OZHS provides technology solutions and consulting services to businesses in the Margin Trading Products (“MTP”) industry. We are not a brokerage firm or a liquidity provider.  Our bundled technology solutions are a great fit for start up brokers, and existing firms looking to offer new distribution channels without committing hundreds of thousands of dollars up front.

  • We provide you with platforms from MetaQuotes, tradable, and Tradecrowd;
  • Add-in software from MetaFx Tools, Commercial Network Services, and IFS;
  • Clients save money with data pulled from our ARMS platform.  Know how your liquidity provider is treating your firm and your clients’ orders.  Latency?  Slippage?  Its all captured in ARMS.
  • And we use institutional-level hardware and software from oneZero Financial Systems as the core of our Private Label offerings.

Our clients are up and running within weeks, not months.  And best of all, our clients can launch their brokerage firms for as little as $8,000.  Not the $100,000 ++ that it would take to purchase and implement the technology on their own.



We understand that each trading firm has their own strengths and weaknesses.  And each firm has a different strategy for their target markets.  We enable FX and CFD brokers and money managers to scale their operations by out-souring IT infrastructure, risk management, and liquidity concerns. In addition, our team works with clearing firms, asset managers, and intermediaries to stay ahead of the competitive structure and regulation changes affecting the growing FX industry. We stay up-to-date with news that affects our clients and take action based on the information we learn on our media/commentary page.



oneZero Hosted Services is not a brokerage.  We connect our clients to liquidity providers all over the globe.  Our  MT4 Servers are currently linked to the following Prime Brokerage firms:

  • FXCM
  • FIXI
  • CapMar Services
  • INTL FC Stone
  • Finotec
  • SucDen
  • LMAX
  • Citibank
  • London Capital Group



Technology vs. Liquidity

At oneZero Hosted Systems, we see the benefit of brokers who separate their technology provider from their liquidity provider each and every day.  When a retail broker gets their technology and their liquidity from a single source, there is little way for the brokerage to monitor the quality of executions by their liquidity source.   But our clients use our ARMS platform to monitor the quality of execution at their liquidity source.  As a broker, you are leaving money on the table if you are not tracking the executions your LP is giving you.

The ARMS platform, which comes as a standard part of our solutions captures data points on each and every trade.  ARMS shows you at which price the client ordered, where the LP was at the time of the order, how long the LP took to fill the order, and what the executed price was.  If you are getting your technology for “free” from your technology provider, how can you monitor the executions?  How much is your “free” technology really costing you and your clients?


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